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Avatar Inhabitants

Post by Dabhand » Wed Aug 13, 2008 9:17 am

In order to help you become ever more powerful, the Avatar plane is populated with many characters of varying degrees of honesty and trustworthiness. Some will be cooperative and either do what you ask or offer advice. But take care and remember the principle of 'caveat emptor'; none of these characters offer 12 month moneyback guarantees!

Beware of the many inhuman creatures who inhabit the Avatar plane. Some may be apparent in all their grim horror and by claw or beak or spell instantly signal their evil intent; yet others may seem mild and unassuming..at first!


Shopkeepers sell all manner of items - weaponry, armour, potions, etc. and will also buy items from avatars which is one way they have variety and replenishment of stock. They also receive periodic deliveries of stock. The cost or resale value of an item depends on how many the shopkeeper has in stock. Basic prices and the honesty of the shopkeeper varies from place to place so it is suggested that you shop around for the best deal.


These shifty characters will change money for you - at a price. They will also tell you the current worth of your currency. Money-changers have an instinctive feel for how devious you are in your dealings, and will give you a nod and a wink and a worthwhile deal, if they think you are as roguish as them. They will also value and exchange foreign coins for commission. They may also trade under their old name honeydealer.


You can recognize these characters by the size and quantity of their balls - three brass ones hanging outside their shops. They will give you a reasonable price for any item you wish to pawn, but only some will let you buy the item back again. The price is based on their honesty and depends on whether there is a glut or shortage of the item.


These dubious characters wander with their cardboard suitcases and sell expensive tat. If pressed, they will buy items from you, at a very poor price. Pedlars, like money-changers, should be treated with caution; they have been known to short change you or pick your pocket whilst your attention is distracted.

Town Guardsmen

These characters patrol the town during daylight hours, and try to maintain law and order. So if you are caught in the act of fighting with another player by one of these characters, prepare to pay the consequences.

At night the town is not a safe place for the meek and mild, as even the guardsmen have to sleep.

Market Traders

These characters trade in the West End of town. They set up their stalls at daybreak and tend to shut up shop at sundown. Occasionally, unsavoury characters selling even more unsavoury items wander the deserted market area at night.

Citadel Traders

These deformed and dangerous creatures lurk in all sorts of unexpected and unsalubrious surroundings within the Citadel. They buy and sell items, and are all mad! They are useful though, because they stock items unobtainable elsewhere in Lomah.

The cost of items is significantly below that of the traders of Beeston; mad prices indeed! In the case where their discount would be below the 'normal' resale price, they sell their items at the resale price.