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Getting Started

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Object of the Game

In the beginning your Deity is but a child god. To attain immortality as an Adult you must first obtain knowledge and experience in the land for each of the six attributes of your deity. You do this by developing an Avatar (one for each attribute) to its highest level.

For each avatar that gains the highest level your deity will increase in power and get a level closer to becoming an Adult god and the all important freedom of the planes.

Your quest for maturity will not always be a straight and narrow sign-posted path. The Avatar plane is a thriving community where money speaks for you, weapons shout your desires and there are no free lunches.

As you acquire experience, knowledge and skill, and defeat those who would interfere with your aspirations (by fair means or foul), you will accumulate a wealth of treasure and money. You may be so imbued with the magic of the land, and know how to channel its use, that you feel no need for the materials of defense or offence. Remember well that your powers as an avatar are not limitless and you may need physical or specialist help to overcome the dangers posed by some of your encounters.

Therefore use your wealth wisely that you may survive in this harsh land.

Getting Started

To learn (and play) in Lomah (land of milk and honey), you first need to create an avatar. You do this by typing ACT to list the 6 attributes of your deity. When you have decided which one you wish to start with, as an example, type CREATE 2 or CREATE WISDOM. You will be asked for a name and sex. (You may make one avatar the same name as your deity).

If you have selected intelligence, wisdom or charisma, you have the ability to do magic. Type SPELLS to list the spells you know at your current level. It is essential to learn spells to survive. To learn spell abc just type LEARN ABC and after some time you will be told you've learnt it. To find out more about the spell type HELP ABC. Always use HELP on all actions if you aren't sure what they do.

Once you have created an avatar, eg number 2, you can the activate it in lomah by typing ACT 2 or ACT . Your consciousness will then be transferred to the avatar.

When you arrive in Lomah your guildmaster will greet you and assign you a quest to perform. He will also give you some possessions. You have a locker in your guild where you can stash any items.

Type COMMANDS or EMOTIONS to give you a useful list which will help you in Lomah.

It is important to gain money to get armour and weapons or learn to cast spells to survive. Initially it is more important to get money than to try and keep your experience points. Examine everything and everyone, type SAVE frequently and store useful items in your guild locker.

Finally, to talk to other players privately type TEL , eg 'Tel Fred hello'. To speak to everyone in the same room type SAY and to shout to everyone (once you've learnt the farshout spell) type FSH . You do not need to use quotations marks.

This is a brief look at what you can expect in Lomah. There is a lot more help in the Limbo area with regular news on game updates. We look forward to seeing you soon!


Armour is available and covers various parts of the body if worn. In a fight you are able to modify what part of your opponent you are aiming to hit (high, mid or low). If you examine another player you should be able to work out where they are weakest and hit accordingly. Lomah monsters probe for your weak points!

You are also able to adjust the ratios of how much of your weapon and strength you put into defence and how much in offense. On activation of an avatar the default is 20% attack, 80% defence. Parry causes 100% defense, and berserk (available to the vitality class) gives 100% offense. You may adjust the ratio between offense and defence at any time during a fight. If you can keep a cool head it may be wise to attack with the minimum offense and gradually increase the offense ratio, balancing damage to yourself with that of your opponent.


The guildmaster is your teacher, mentor and occasionally policeman. If you get stuck on a quest assignment you can ask the guildmaster for a hint at your guild - at a price! You are rewarded for going for the quest early, as either the quest item or other things you will encounter along the way will prove beneficial for acquiring gold, experience and greater security faster. Or indeed, you could pay another avatar for the quest item, or for a clue to its whereabouts, or ask them for their help at a price on the promise of payment for success. If you form a party and they become a member, payoff is guaranteed.

Money Matters

There is a currency in the Avatar plane based on the honey standard whose basic unit is called the pot. There are various denominations minted in silver, electrum and gold. Unfortunately, due to yearly fluctuations of the pollen count, and the destructive beekeeper wars arising from the OHEC's (Organisation of Honey Exporting Communities) attempts at anti-inflation controls, the currency is subject to fluctuations in value. With such a bizarre and variable standard, the type of coin metal largely determines the value for exchange of goods.

The original one-pot coins, engraved with the legend "I promise to pay the bearer one pot of honey", became unpopular due to a populace, ignorant of fiscal practice, taking the promise literally; they disliked having sticky pockets full of broken glass.

As the concept of currency became established, various phrases became common parlance. A high standing person in the community was no longer referred to as "Him with the great big sword over there", but "That guy's got pots of honey!". A popular song of the time was entitled "Honey can't buy you love!".

Heed well some of the wisdoms of the Avatar plane...

There is an old saying with regard to money-changers which tells of the folly of turning your back on them, "Dealers in honeypots have sticky fingers".

A fleeing wrong-doer with a bounty on his head attracts bounty-hunters "Like bees round a honeypot".